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For someone about to purchase a property, the following should be considered in order to get a fair price and quality building:

  • Be aware of gardens close to walls of a house. The moisture in the soil can cause structural problems with the foundation
  • Check the surface drainage, particularly if the external ground is higher or equal to the internal floor level
  • Make sure the vents are not obstructed by gardens or ground matter. This can lead to internal mildew attack
  • Beware of large trees. Tree roots can often cause cracking of walls and drive ways
  • Guttering and down pipes should be connected property to prevent water damage
  • Rising damp to the external and sub-floor brickwork areas. Look for mildew growth at the base of the external brickwork and flaking paintwork
  • Internal damp. Look for black spots on the walls and ceilings, rotting carpet near skirting boards and freshly painted walls as this may be covering the problem
  • Leaking shower. Check under the shower for rotting timbers.
  • Check that doors and windows open and close as they should
  • Structural movement. Look for cracks in the walls, especially around cornices. Cracks around doors and windows are common and not serious
  • Larger cracks which follow the course of the brickwork are serious and may m will have to be solved by underpinning the corner of the house and/or by constructing a retaining wall. These solutions are expensive


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