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A presale building inspection will identify any defects and issues that potential purchasers could use to reduce the price of sale or rethink purchasing a property.

For someone about to put their property on the market, the following should be considered in order to get a buyer and a fair price:

  • Fix or replace damages flooring, such as torn lino or cracked tiles
  • Fix any drains, faucets, or plumbling fixtures that aren’t operating
  • Paint the interior and exterior. Fill and paint any cracks or holes
  • Replace burnt out bulds and brocken electrical sockets. Most agents will want to turn on all lights for a showing
  • Replace or fix broken stairs as well as any creak
  • Replace old locks and doorknobs. Make it easy for a buyer to walk in
  • Fix any doors that don’t open easily
  • Replace cracked windows and torn screens
  • Fix cracks in the driveway and remove any mould from exterior surfaces
  • Replace broken gutters and down pipes
  • Reseal any exterior wood finishes
  • Repair the roof

Any large repairs such as a full roof replacement may increase the selling price. Also, if repairs are beyond you financial capabilities, it may be appropriate to offer a potential buyer an allowance for renovation.


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